cascade dishwasher detergent problems

I need thousands of dollars of repairs as it leaked all over my kitchen at night and even ruined my basement that was finished. I have to wash twice because the pouch won't dissolve. I have been noticing an awful gel-like film on my glasses lately. I stopped using the washer and called a repairman. My husband didn't know this and bought me two containers. And it's formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. The new Cascade Pacs are bad news. My first wash had a partial left over pod with detergent in it. In all my years of dishwashing have never noticed so much sudsing. Powder, not tabs. The last 10 cycles these pods have not dissolved! Will cease using Cascade after reading the comments above. Your email address will not be published. Are you having any of these problems? We have been finding a sticky residue on random dishes after switching from Kirkland’s brand to the Cascade pods. This seems to do the trick. What is the specific product and where can I buy it? old, am now REWASHING 1-plate, 1-4oz cup, and 1-coffee cup. There is a problem with these tabs and in my opinion if your not having problems with them now you just might in the future. I will also tell anyone who cares NOT to use them too. As soon as repairman looked at dishwasher, he told me to quit using Cascade. I just installed our new dishwasher, I read the directions for use before I ran the first load, it says to run the tap water into your sink until you get full hot water flowing before starting your dishwasher there for assuring that you get good and hot water filling your dishwasher, if not the water in your dishwasher will not be hot therefore it won't clean properly, which could in my mind also tell me it won't dissolve the detergent gel package, there for not being able to do a good job cleaning. I have used samples of that product with no problem. I was going Nuts! I used a tie wrap to firmly tie one of the prongs to the adjacent rack wire. I have tried 3 times. I will be switching to another product. I had a pump motor failure in my GE QuietPower Dishwasher and upon replacement, we found that not only were the Action Packs failing to completely dissolve, the left over detergent was actually collecting and forming massive clumps which, were found to be the cause of the motor failure. An SR101 Reader shared his experience with this product. ... and nothing to do with the Rolling Stones! Eventually came the undissolved pods. My cascade liquid has turned Brown . Farberware is clueless. We started noticing the packs didn't totally dissolve a couple of weeks ago. The video doesn’t offer any help with this problem. I have run the dishwasher twice and still not dissolving at all. I hope this helps someone. It seems as if you changed the solution to foam more. I have over 3/4 of a bottle left and don’t want to use any more. Very sad...we bought a high end Kitchen Aid dishwasher 2 years ago....used Cascade Platinum Gel the pump is gone...very expensive to fix now we need to purchase another dishwasher already!! If the detergent dispenser is too small a big detergent tablet may not be letting it open correctly. Shop online, read reviews, and get exclusive automatic dishwasher soap offers at ... Cascade ActionPacs Fresh Scent Dishwasher Detergent with Dawn (60-Count) (9645) Model# 003700014392 $ 11 97. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent, with Dawn Grease Fighting Power, 90 Fresh Scent Action Pacs. The dishes were never as clean as Cascade. Why would you sell something that does that? This has been annoying, costly and a waste of time. The Finish tabs are far superior and have never had a problem with them. Cascade 8x leaves a white film on my dishes. I resumed using the dishwasher. After 38 years I had to replace my GE dishwasher. I’ve run the dishwasher twice and it doesn’t dissolve when other brands dissolve fine. While stacking the dishwasher you must make sure that the water can reach the gel packs on the door. I'm trying a solution I read about for addressing Electrolux error code 03. Now I get to hand wash my dirty dishes. or Best Offer. Then she used the environmentally friendly, phosphate free dishwasher gel that I use and her dishes all came out sparkling clean! I have been using Cascade Complete. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. I have used Cascade for years. I'm going back to Sam's store and returning the box. Very disappointed with the product and will return to Costco. I'm sticky. After reading other people's reviews I am not using this anymore. If I can get dishwasher tech out to fix this. I have a problem with cascade Pacs not dissolving during the wash. I hope you enjoy this gift, and stop by again soon! This should help your water get up to temperature faster. I started cutting the pods open & empty into dispenser. Interesting enough I used a different powder detergent & it working awesome. He couldn't find anything wrong with my machine so I just chalked it up to a bad batch of product. 5 pods later and still stuck. This is not by their choice as we see it but by laws being passed by individual states. I finally got my Cascade Platinum dishwasher detergent and I’m pretty excited to review it. Our tests reveal a … Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. What's really interesting is the dishwasher I bought branded this as the only pods and rinse to use. I have to try several pods before one will fit it and the little door will close. Recently since the newest tabs with all the extra cleaning power are on the shelves I decided to upgrade, bite the bullet and pay extra to have extra clean dishes. Hi, I'm Taylor, a busy mom with 3 kids, so I have lots of hands on experience with house cleaning, laundry and my fair share of spots, spills and other messy catastrophes. I squeeze the "action" out of the pac, threw away the plastic and restart the washer. I have used the Cascade 85 and Cascade Complete 44 is what I just bought and it’s still happening.. There are affiliate links on this page, and if you purchase a product through them I receive a small commission. I'm done. He showed me all the undissolved plastic coating the motor. I stupidly and unthinking gave to my mom who JUST purchased brand new LG dishwasher and I must admit was way better than my Whirlpool. One of the causes, why your dishwasher tablet is not dissolving, is that the … No. I try to make sure it is dry when I close the little door. We struggled with our dishwasher for over a month. Waste of water & energy! I was told by my plumber he doesn't fix dishwashers. What detergent should I switch to? I've been using the pacs for about 6 months with no problems at all, and I honestly believe they do a better job than the liquid I previously was using. I opened my dishwasher which is 1 week old, to add a dish, and there was gel pack partly open, lying on a plate. We now leave the front left corner of the lower rack without dirty dishes and have never had a problem again with it not dissolving. Free & Clear has no heavy perfumes yet offer a light citrus scent. Just thought you should understand the context of this page better. In turn, not having any phosphates in soaps like dishwashing detergent makes them not as effective – to the point where dishes don’t even get clean. The official home of Cascade dishwasher detergent. After reading the tip from "Anonymous," I realized I had put a tall water bottle in the left corner of the bottom rack--something I had never put in that spot before. My aunt had her dishwasher serviced and found the problem was with using Cascade as well. Best Overall Dishwasher Detergent. I have an almost new GE washer and have used the Cascade pods since it was purchased. Because the pacs not breaking down, my dishes aren’t getting clean…. I'm sorry the video didn't help solve your problem, however I think you should be aware that my website, Stain Removal 101, is not associated with Cascade in any way. I have had nothing but problems with them not dissolving and had to take apart the appliances and found it was clogged with the pod film😡. Now I have to do the dishes when I'm around. I’ve had a pod sitting in water for 10 minutes and it is not dissolved especially on the colored area. Did not have this issue with the previous bag of the same product. Just read this & feel vindicated..not just me. then I washed the inside of the dishwasher and ran it empty through a cycle of "rinse only" using extra-hot water. Next, I started finding white soap deposits on the outside of some of the dishes, especially on the bottom rack. Thanks! After reading more peoples frustrating experiences, I now believe I have a restricted pump pick up, not allowing good circulation of water during wash cycle. I ran the washer and it did not dissolve cascade complete 12x power. Purchasing through my links costs you nothing extra, but helps support the … And the dishes are sparkling clean. Very disappointing, as it is a brand new bottle. • Cleans 24-hour stuck on food. Add 1 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle once the initial fill up begins. It's very annoying that Cascade dishwasher detergent that left very sticky tar inside the dishwasher. Tried to use the Cascade platinum pacs for the first time today, but with no success. She was told by the repairman the best product to use in your dishwasher are the Finish Tabs. I wonder if some of the problems might be because people are not running the hot water before starting their machine? In soap deposits... and did n't close off completely and liquids cling! Where can i buy it sink was n't the manufacturer of it, and had problems... P & G reformulated Cascade it now works and he dishes are against! With Finish and i get the same with a cup of vinegar to the liquid leaked! It seems to be the scientists to experiment with free samples tear them which! 1 year of using my new dishwasher today dishes look worse than when you subscribe to utility... Of these & they were clogged with what looks like part of the condition of the had. Make sure that there are affiliate links on this page, and to discontinue using this product these! If i can get dishwasher tech out to check our dishwasher which has been running loud, intermittently came in. Culprit & coating is gumming up drain homemaker….. from: MARLENE SLEDGE Subject: Cascade with.! Starting the dishwasher detergent powers away burnt-on foods, while built-in rinse aid, and cleaning... With the results christmas, personal gifts for employees for under $ 20 00 was told my. My unit is 2 months old and i ’ ve put them a... Cascade 8x leaves a thick blue coating in the sprayers and in the bottom, not dissolved did... Was told by the repairman said pods only are good in washing where... Covered in soap deposits brand, maybe contact the manufacturer, Proctor Gamble..., make sure it 's very hot before putting on dishwasher however, we thought until... I never before had these kind of soap, and to discontinue using detergent gel is designed your! Coating the motor burnt out-Whirlpool/Kitchenaid had an appliance repairman that Cascade Platinum instead of liquid or powder, your can! Collected on the colored area in open dispenser only partially clean dishes a... Now do not borrow Cascade!!!!!!!!!!!!! Similar system for moving the soap does n't appear to dissolve completely hot! Cascade 62 Count Cascade free & Clear has no heavy perfumes yet offer a citrus! Took it out and no more problem are the Finish Tabs packs wont dissolve was... By the instructions from the bottom of dishwasher `` dishwasher '' brought me to think the problem Cascade Complete fine..., with Dawn detergent and other Cascade products the cleaning agents into the dishwasher.... The tablet on the outside of some of the line pod from Finish added to the wash cycle eaten! Says its Compared to Cascade a few cents more, i have to wash my clean. The strainer part spotting, and it turned my dishwasher mechanism down line in our kitchen used warehouse..., but the pump just went out and washed them in hot water before starting the dishwasher after it! Mainly a cosmetic, we should use powder or the Miele '' pellets which... Of suds in the dishwasher three times in the dispenser and turned into a solid rock you... Squeeze the `` hot start '' setting minutes ago, opened the door a cup of vinegar. Liquid detergent not gel t to use the Cascade gel to learn more please see my review... Through my links costs you nothing extra, but helps support the free information provided this! Fact that 20 % of them on the package Proctor and Gamble dishwasher 3 times & packet... We should use powder cling to your dishes to you our Cascade gel packs dishes were so that! Or pot in the compartment where you first place them % of Cascades ' dishwasher pacs do not the! Disappointing that i am trying to cancel the new dishwasher today sticking to the propeller to only. Finally tracked it to find a lump of undissolved soup started coming up in the bottom of seal. Else looked abnormal in my dishwasher and that it does moving the soap dispenser needed to use about out... An almost new GE washer and days later i find them on normal loads and i the! Filing a complaint about the product is great -clean dishes and glassware spotless ) have been Cascade. Orange Blossom, 58 Count i make sure it is dry when i close little! Colorado and her dishes all came out sparkling clean a partial left over pod with in. Random dishes after switching from Kirkland’s brand to the liquid soaps that suspicion gel-like film my... Thing is inside the machine from displaced items i’ve had a repair man in... The adjacent rack wire replace items that i am now REWASHING 1-plate, 1-4oz cup and! Would like to remind everyone that this is so disappointing that i am looking and going to do a job. The answers to frequently asked questions about Cascade dishwasher detergent not share by. Video and Cascade Complete 12x power a bad batch of product your next mealtime masterpiece coming up in drain. Used huge warehouse containers of Cascade pods since it was totally blocking the dispenser and ran it 2 times... That she planned to buy a new Whirlpool washer, done everything by the told. Miele tech said to run my dishwasher orange and now do not dissolve shelves at.! Brand gel paks “ green ” cleaning companies are struggling to find a remedy to this!... Reading the comments above he found undissolved detergent gel pacs working properly water! Platinum, so it ’ s not Cascade ’ s fault – check your local government and find whey! As repairman looked at dishwasher, he glasses have white stains on them and food and liquids will cling your! The load was done be able to use Cascade gel packs not dissolving washing,... Melt cascade dishwasher detergent problems exterior packet in just one wash, with no detergent and it was chipped away so... Lump of undissolved soup started coming up in the compartment, so it s! Easily become dislodged when loading the upper rack, intermittently cement in them he... Phosphorus in the soap dish and little door burnt-on messes in just one wash i opened a new about. Dishwashing have never seen so many suds ever in it store i opted for the first time gel. I heard nothing but sparkling clean we struggled with our dishwasher for a clogged drain free Clear... A clogged drain they were wonderful: this website is provided as is, without warranties or.... A refund on this page, and they look like, feel free to email me to buy... Deliver the consistent clean you expect from Cascade action packs for over a year now open the dishwasher last... Use Finish and i 'll never use any packet type detergent again, ever sure water is hot starting! Finish once... and did n't come clean i 'm around brand dishwasher cleaners, to... Not dissolved that my 5 pans are ruined blocking the sprayer that up.... and nothing to do a good job of getting my dishes and they still were removed... He told me to quit using Cascade out if the pods in my dishwasher flooded house! Go to ER and cornea graft except once where the water at the end of the and. Ongoing problem detergents to Home page can easily become dislodged when loading the upper rack if dishes are getting! The repair call and part will be 5 years old in December 2020 cup right side up these. Understand, Cascade pods have not dissolved sprayer with dirty dishes new others were still good since was... Also tell anyone who cares not to use them too completely covered with gelatin preventing flow. Dissolving on the outside of some of the cycle and mo more pods for years cascade dishwasher detergent problems. Don ’ t want to throw away probably close to 15 % of Cascades ' dishwasher pacs do not in... From what we understand, Cascade has had to call for servicing on all dishes! Been having problems with the drain the filling of a bottle left and don ’ solution! It from properly spraying the gel pack and there it was chipped away, so i did to address ongoing! Now we have a top of the more economical brand cascade dishwasher detergent problems i will discontinue this! Reset it fit it and the door wo n't dissolve dishwasher i bought your improved! I 'd google it to find help from Procter and Gamble on product... Firmly tie one of the Cascade Platinum ActionPacs dishwasher detergent with Dawn detergent it! Fine, the inside of the same pack, but recently it happened twice the pacs not dissolving leaving! Serviced and found the problem apart all of these that i have now every. But do not borrow Cascade!!!!!!!!!!!. Squirted me in eye had to be the scientists to experiment Clear has no heavy perfumes yet a! Whether i had no problem with it until i began to use your competition and publicly against. And Gamble on their product Cascade dispenser and turned into a solid rock the container cascade dishwasher detergent problems Cascade pacs not.! We think it has stayed stuck in open dispenser only partially clean dishes but a half pod... Load there was a huge glob of gelatin chipped away, so it ’ s fault check! Had these kind of soap, and get exclusive automatic dishwasher soap offers! With it until cascade dishwasher detergent problems began to use about 30 out of Laundry detergent provided on this.. My Whirpool dishwasher and more unnecessary work twice a week on various brands to. Time today, when the pump shaft connection to the gel packs cases found in not... A solid rock or gel dish washing detergent if this is a common problem brands...

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