can large dogs eat deer bones

Poultry bones are mostly edible for all sizes of dogs … but you shouldn’t give them to your dog as recreational bones. The tooth might have been cracked already, for example. Large dogs can enjoy beef, lamb or pork bones instead if you want to leave them unsupervised. Before you do that, it is worth considering the outcome of a tooth fracture for your dog. Wolverines are fairly small, but they don’t usually act their size. "sameAs": So why exactly are antlers so hard? All we can do is talk about the anecdotal evidence. The first is to feed it like the dogs would eat in the wild. Since awareness of this problem was first raised in the veterinary press in 2013, they state, there has been a “large increase in cases seen of fractured carnassial (and other) teeth by dogs chewing on antlers and other hard toys.”. Mercola Pet

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